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Here’s What’s Happening In Kindergarten

REMINDERS…   Please send in $6.50 for the angel wings and halo set no later than Wednesday December 12th.  Please send cash or checks payable to Erin Thompson.

All ‘Angel ” gifts are do to school be Friday morning, December 14th, wrapped with the child’s name on it. 

As a reward for their kindness and generositywith the “angel” gifts, students may bring their slippers to wear at school on Friday.  We will wear our slippers, have a snack of hot chocolate and cookies, and watch Polar Express.

MATH – This week we will identify full, half-full, and empty containers, identify a quart container, combine numbers by counting on and playing a dice rolling game.

RELIGION – We will add another candle to our Advent wreath s this week.  We will also read and discuss the story of the Nativity.  The students will complete their Nativity scene figures.

READING – We will finish our second quarter assessment.  We will also read the last  book in our Gingetbread series and make a pictograph to determine which book we liked the best.  We will be making cinnamon/apples sauce gingerbread ornaments on Tuesday.  We will be doing some creative writing this week as well, with focus on capital letters at the beginning of every sentence, word spacing, and end marks.


MONDAY – Gingerbread man hunt ! (Shh, its a surprise), finish making Nativity scene

TUESDAY – Applesauce/cinnamon gingerbread men ornaments

WEDNESDAY – ornamnet making

THURSDAY – make and decorate cookies

FRIDAY – POLAR EXPRESS DAY!!!!  students may bring slippers to school.  They will take part in themed centers as well as watch the movie.  ***ANGEL GIFTS DUE.***

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