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Grade 3: This Week at a Glance: December 10 – 14

Please note that assignments and tests are subject to change based on the students’ progress and understanding during the week. The most accurate account of what is due and when tests will be is always your child’s signed agenda.

PRINTABLE DOCUMENTS: Click on the highlighted links to open the documents and print them at home!

RELIGION:  The students will begin taking a more in-depth look at each of the 10 commandments. This week, we will read and discuss chapter 9 and 10. We will see how the first three commandments teach us to love God. The students will have a test on this material on Friday.

READING: This week’s story is Grandmother Spider Brings Home the Sun. We will read the story and complete activities, but we will not have a regular reading test on this story this week.

SPELLING: This week the students will learn the inflectional endings -ed and -ing and the suffixes -ful and -able. Since the students are learning how to write in cursive, they will have daily spelling homework. Activities will be available on spellingcity, but the students will not be penalized if the activities are not completed. The students will have a spelling test on Friday. Spelling List.

HANDWRITING: The students will practice writing their spelling words in cursive. The students will have handwriting homework that will focus on spelling and sentence writing. Please focus on quality.

GRAMMAR: We will continue our lesson on helping verbs and linking verbs this week. We will also learn how to use commas in a series, and we will identify and use some of the irregular verbs.

MATH: This week the students will learn the 3 facts. We will also review the 0,1,2,5,9,10, and 11 facts. The students should spend a minimum of 10-15 minutes each night practicing these facts. Students may retake timed tests on the facts we have learned so far; however this request must be made by the student. A weekly report will be sent home in the Wednesday folder.  Weekly math assessments are given on Wednesdays, these tests are not written in the students’ agendas.

SCIENCE:  We will finish our unit on Earth’s Land by studying soil types. Please check your child’s agenda for assignments and for the test date. The students should study the vocabulary and concepts each night.  

SOCIAL STUDIES: The students will finish their group projects and present them this week.  The students need to know the  Southwest states, the test will be on Wednesday. The students will need to locate each state, spell the state name, capitalize correctly, and write the correct postal abbreviation for each state.

TECHNOLOGY: The students will work on their PowerPoint presentations this week. They are all doing a great job at working together and creating amazing presentations.

LIBRARY: We should finish reading the  book Holes this week. The students are really enjoying this book. The students are still required to check out one Book Adventure book each week. The students should read this book and take the Book Adventure test on it prior to the next library class. It is essential for third grade students to read every night. The current Book Adventure Contest began on November 10th and will end on 12/19/2012. A classwork grade is given every four weeks based on Book Adventure points accumulation.


Wednesday, 12/12: Advent Party Money Due

Thursday, 12/13:  All-School Mass

Tuesday, December 18:  Christmas Program. Students should wear their Sunday best. Students should be at the Church by 5:45, program begins at 6:00

Wednesday, December 19:  Early Dismissal, End of Quarter, Advent Party

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