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Look What We Are Studying in Pre-K……


Thursday, All school Mass- All parents welcomed.

Friday, 11:30 dismissal

Friday, Bread Baking Day

Language Arts– The students will be able to learn to incorporate new vocabulary into spoken communication and link experiences and vocabulary with what is already known about a topic. Letters “R”, “S”, “T” and “U”. Pre-Decodable book5: My Pets. Introduce sight word in.

Religion– Read Luke 1:26-56. An Angel Surprises Mary

Writing- The students will practice their letter knowledge on a piece of paper.

Computer Class- The students will continue practicing their mouse skills. Please continue to encourage your child to practice these skills at home.

Math- The students will demonstrate one-to-one correspondence using objects and use numbers to describe a set and the students will engage in color identification, counting and sorting activities.

Science– The students will examine how bread is produced.

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