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This Week In Middle School Math

Believe it or not it is almost time to start thinking of midterms! We won’t start reviewing for midterms and passing out study guides until next week. We are about to finish up our final chapters before midterms start!

Fifth: Fifth graders will continue working on Statistics. We will be making and reading graphs as well as finding the mean, median, mode, and range of a data set. We will have a test over these concepts next week.

Sixth: Sixth graders will finish up our study on statistics. We will have a test over chapter 6 on Friday.

Seventh: Seventh graders will finish up our study of geometry this week and be taking a test on Friday. They will receive a study guide on Tuesday for this test. This is a test that they will need to study for! There is a lot more “memorizing” in geometry than in other types of mathematics.

Algebra: Eighth graders will finish solving inequalities this week. They will take a test on Thursday over 6.1-6.3.


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