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Grade 3: This Week at a Glance – November 26 – 30

Welcome Back

Please note that assignments and tests are subject to change based on the students’ progress and understanding during the week. The most accurate account of what is due and when tests will be is always your child’s signed agenda.

PRINTABLE DOCUMENTS: Click on the highlighted links to open the documents and print them at home!

RELIGION: This week we will take an in depth look at Advent. We will talk about the Liturgical Calendar and the cycle of the Church calendar.  

READING: This week will be reading the story What Ever Happened to the Baxter Place? by Pat Ross. The reading assessment will be on Friday.

SPELLING:  This week the students will review affixes and word families.  Since the students are learning how to write in cursive, they will have daily spelling homework. Activities will be available on spellingcity, but the students will not be penalized if the activities are not completed. The students will have a spelling test on FridaySpelling List.

HANDWRITING: This week, we will learn the formation of the rest of the capital letters. I will begin writing in all cursive on the board.  The students will practice writing their spelling words in cursive. I will work with students individually to correct errors and help with letter formation and connections. The students will have handwriting homework. Please focus on quality. Daily morning work will focus on cursive writing this week.

GRAMMAR: This week we will finish our unit on verbs. The students will have a  unit grammar test on Thursday. The test will cover everything that we have learned this year including:  subject, predicate, types of sentences, combining sentences, punctuation, capitalization, abbreviations, verb  tense, identifying nouns, identifying verbs,  time order words, and using commas in the date and between a city and a state. Sample problems.

MATH: This week the students will learn the 9 facts. The students will work on word problems and will learn to apply their knowledge of mathematics to solve them. Weekly math assessments are given on Wednesdays, these tests are not written in the students’ agendas.

SCIENCE: This week  the students will complete our classroom landform map. They will also complete the TN testing assessment questions for a classwork grade. These assessments are open book. The page number and a hint on where to locate  each answer is given on the test. When each student hands in their paper, he/she will be given the grade  earned; however, each student will need to correct any wrong answers. The students will not be told which answers are incorrect; they will only be told how many are incorrect.

SOCIAL STUDIES: The students will work on their group projects this week. The students will be earn grades in social studies, religion, Language Arts, and religion. The majority of the work will be completed in class.

TECHNOLOGY: The students will learn how to create PowerPoint presentations. Their fourth grade buddies came last week to teach them the basics. They all did a great job! This week the students will begin their team PowerPoint for their presentations.

LIBRARY: We are reading the book Holes this week. The students are still required to check out one Book Adventure book each week. The students should read this book and take the Book Adventure test on it prior to the next library class. It is essential for third grade students to read every night. The current Book Adventure Contest began on November 10th and will end on 12/19/2012. A classwork grade is given every four weeks based on Book Adventure points accumulation.


Angel Tree gifts due on December 7th.

Wednesday, 11/28/12:  Wildcat Wednesday. Basketball players may wear jeans, PE shoes and their jersies.

Thusday, 11/29/12:  All School Mass — Second Grade Reconcilation 6:30 PM

Friday, 11/30/12:  Feast Day Mass

Thursday, 12/6/12: All School Mass

Friday, 12/7/12:  Early Dismissal (11:30)  — wrapping Angel Tree Gifts

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