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Grade 3: Thanksgiving Week


Our Thanksgiving Feast will be held on Tuesday. After the feast, you may sign out your child for the day. This will be an excused early dismissal. Students are welcome to stay through regular dismissal time.

SCIENCE:  This week, the students will finish their study on Earth’s Land. We will read and discuss Lesson 3 and complete the Chapter Review on Monday. We will also make volcanoes and create a landform map of the United States.  The students will take two tests on Tuesday.  The Unit Test will cover all three chapters in the Earth’s Land unit. There will also be a hands-on test. The students will use different candies and frosting to construct  landforms, once their project is graded, they will be able to eat their landforms.  

MATH:  The students will take their mixed review timed-test on the 0, 1, 2, 5, 10, and 11 facts, and then  enjoy some math competitions. The students will be divided into groups and work together to use the math skills they have learned to answer word problems and challenge questions.

RELIGION:  We will discuss the social justice principles and then identify ways that we have helped others this year.  The students will complete social justice forms to turn in to the diocese.

READING AND SPELLING:  The students will not have a story or spelling list this week. We will continue to read our class book, Holes.

LANGUAGE ARTS:  The students will be making Trivia Mats for the Thanksgiving Feast. They will use correct spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. They will also make decisions on formatting the page.

SOCIAL STUDIES:  The students will continue to work on their Social Studies kits. They will also learn about features of the United States:  Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, The Great Lakes, The Outer Banks  and the major mountain ranges and rivers. They will create and label all of these on their landform map.

TECHNOLOGY: The students will use the internet to search for landforms, rivers, and lakes to add to our United States map.

ANGEL TREE:  Team Third Grade is participating in the Angel Tree Project. If you are a Black Friday shopper and want to purchase gifts for our Angel Tree Family the information is linked here.  

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