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First Grade Weekly News

Language Arts:

We will generate the sound for /o/ by using the spelling of v-c-e.  They will also build fluency and apply comprehension strategies clarifying and summarizing.  We will also generate the sound for /u/ by using the  v-c-e pattern.  We will begin reading two stories about characters that want to be president.  Duck for President and Grace for President.  We will compare and contrast the two candidates, discuss story elements, and how each character changed throughout the stories.

Spelling: Long /o/ test Friday

nose, those, spoke, vote, drove, home, phone, stone, hope, over, protect, obey, here


Students will be drafting their friendly letters and delivering them to staff members throughout the school.   We will be reviewing adjectives and discuss adjectives that compare (er, est).  Students will also be writing a brief speech about why they would make a good President.  In honor of Veteran’s Day, students will be writing acrostic poems about veterans and delivering their poems during the assembly on Friday.

Math: test on Thursday

Work on subtracting 1 from a number, reviewing math facts, discussing characteristics of a dime and counting dimes.

Social Studies: our mock election is Tuesday 

As we continue to learn about where we live, we will be discussing our world, water, land forms and work on our booklets that we are making.  These booklets will be a great tool for students to use as a study guide once complete.    Students will also be making voter registration cards and participate in a mock election voting for one of two candidates that we read about on Monday, Duck and Grace.  We will have a ballot box, ballots, and using tally marks to count our votes.


Learn about Noah and why God sent the flood.  We will discuss God’s 2 promises.  We will also read about Abraham and focus on the word obeyas Abraham did.  We will be making a dove craft and writing promises that we intend to keep.


11/5  Book Fair!!!

11/8  Mass

11/10 Veteran’s Assembly @ 2pm




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