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First Grade News

** Our 5th grade buddies have graciously have accepted our invitation to join us this Friday for chocolate chip pancakes!  We are very excited!!**


Language Arts:

This week we will continue to focus on the first job of “e” (silent e).  Students will generate words with the long /i/ sound using the vce pattern.   We will also discuss the soft sound of /c/ spelled ce, ci, and cy.  We will also discuss the soft sound of /g/  that makes the /j/ sound spelled ge and gi.


Learn about various elements of a friendly letter.   Students will begin drafting a letter to a friend.

Spelling:  Test Friday

nice, like, life, drive, slide, ripe, time, write, silent, spider, where, of


We will be learning about various Saints this week.   We will begin discussing the story of Noah and why God sent the flood.

Social Studies:

Locate and identify continents and oceans and describe bodies of land and water.

Math:   Test on Tuesday

Measure length and width using nonstandard units.  Review counting backwards and have students subtract 1 from a number.  Show how to use number line to hop down a number when subtracting.


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