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Grade 3: This Week at a Glance: Oct. 29 – Nov. 2


Please note that assignments and tests are subject to change based on the students’ progress and understanding during the week. The most accurate account of what is due and when tests will be is always your child’s signed agenda.

PRINTABLE DOCUMENTS: Click on the highlighted links to open the documents and print them at home!

RELIGION: The students are learning about Abraham and Moses. Last week, one of the sixth grade students visited and taught the students a fun way to remember the first eight of the Ten Commandments.  The students will take the religion quizzes on Abraham and Moses  this week. We will go over the information extensively in class.

READING:  This week’s story is Days of Digging.  The reading assessment will be on Friday.

SPELLING: This week’s spelling words contain the prefixes mid-, bi-, dis-, and auto-.  Spellingcity assignments are due on Friday. Students who do not finish the assignments will have a ten point deduction taken from their test score. This week, the students may write the words bifocal, biplane, and midtown in cursive. I may add more words to that list if the students are doing well. The spelling test will be on Friday.

HANDWRITING: We will continue last week’s lesson. Each student will  learn to write his or her own name in cursive.

GRAMMAR: This week we begin a new unit on verbs. The students will be held responsible for previously learned skills on their writing test. One point will be deducted for each mistake in forming plurals, capitalizing proper nouns, and using abbreviations correctly. Weekly grammar assessments are given on Wednesdays. These tests are not written in your child’s agenda.

MATH:  This week the students will take daily timed tests on the 2 facts. Once the students earn a 100% they are excused from the tests for the rest of the week. Fridays test score is recorded for any student who does not earn a 100% during the week. On Friday, the students will also a review timed test. This test will include 0-1-2-and 10 facts. Please make sure your child is practicing a minimum of ten minutes each night. Weekly assessments are given on Wednesdays, these tests are not writeen in the students’ agendas.

SCIENCE: This week we will continue our unit on Earth’s Land. The students will not have their test until next Tuesday, November 6.  It is important that the student’s study the concepts and vocabulary each night.

SOCIAL STUDIES: The students will continue using map skills take-it-to-your seat practice kits this week. There are 13 folders. Each folder focuses on a different map skill. The students earn a classwork grade for each kit. The first grade earned will be recorded in the grade book; however, students must correct mistakes until they earn a 100. The difficulty level varies from kit to kit. Please remind your child to do his/her personal best and to ask for help when needed. The students will review the Southeastern states and learn the Pacific Region states.

TECHNOLOGY:  The technology lab test will be  this Friday. The students will be provided with a study guide and a practice test. The students will need to create a document on their own in class on Friday. We will practice in class again on Thursday.   Due to Halloween and the early dismissal on Friday, I will postpone the written test until next Monday. The written exam will cover the terms and toolbars on the study guide. Please tell your child to listen carefully in class so he/she will be prepared for the test. While I encourage the students to practice at home, if you have Windows 2010 your child will need to adjust to the different toolbar format.

LIBRARY: The students will learn about the card catalog. The students are required to check out one Book Adventure book each week. The students should read this book and take the Book Adventure test on it prior to the next library class. It is essential for third grade students to read every night. The current Book Adventure Contest will end on 11/09/2012. A classwork grade is given every four weeks based on Book Adventure points accumulation. We will continue to read the story Abel’s Island in class this week. The listening tests will count as a classroom grade in reading.


Wednesday 10/31 Wildcat Wednesday

Thursday 11/1  Winter Uniform Begins,  All-School Mass and Picture Retakes

Friday 11/2  Feast Day Mass and Early Dismissal

Wednesday 11/7  Field Trip

November 5 – 9 Scholastic Book Fair



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