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This Week in Middle School Math

Fifth Grade: Fifth graders will continue working with fractions. We will have a test over basic fraction operations on Wednesday. On Thursday we will begin adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers.

Sixth Grade: Sixth grade will continue working with fractions this week. They will have a quiz on Friday. Edit: I gave students a “pop” quiz yesterday to see what they remembered from last week. The students did not score as highly as I would have liked so we used today to review last week and will be retesting tomorrow.

Seventh Grade: Seventh grade will be taking the explore test on Monday and Tuesday of this week. We will have a quiz/test on Wednesday. On Thursday all students will begin working with statistics.

Algebra: During explore testing we will have a little fun doing “hands on equations lessons” to help us solve equations. We will resume our study of slope in chapter 5 on Wednesday.

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