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Grade 3: This Week at a Glance – October 15 – 19


No School on Friday, October 19 – Parent/Teacher Conferences

NEW:  Use the links on this page to open links to spelling words, study guides, and websites!

OCTOBER 20, 2012: MURDER MYSTER DINNER:   October 20th 5:30 – 9:30  $45.00 per person. Includes dinner and show. Cash bar available.  Proceeds from this event will benefit the technology fund. For information and to buy tickets go to

RELIGION: .  This week we will learn about Jesus as our Savior. We will begin to learn about the sacraments of initiation. The students will learn the symbols of Baptism.  We will  create a stain glass window for All Saints Day. There will not be any formal assessments this week. This quarter the students will be responsible for memorizing several prayers.  There will be a prayer chart in the classroom, and students will earn a classwork grade for reciting each of the prayers by memory. The students made prayer booklets that have all of the prayers they need to learn, these will be sent home this week.  Although I will set due dates for the prayers, students may recite them for me any time prior to the due date. 

 READING: We will complete our reading stories on animal habitats this week. We will read the stories Two Days in May and Crinkleroot’s Guide to Knowing Animal Habitats. This will be a fun review of our science unit. We will not have an assessment this week.

SPELLING: This week’s spelling words are all homophones (words that sound the same, but have different meanings and are spelled differently). The students will need to listen to the word in context to spell it correctly.  Spellingcity assignments must be completed by Thursday, October 17.  Students who do not finish the assignments will have a ten point deduction taken from their test score. Although spelling tests are normally given on Friday, due to the short week the test will be on Thursday.

HANDWRITING: The students will learn the “hump” letters…h, m, n, u, v, w.  The students are beginning to connect their letters and form words. When I see that a child can connect letters properly, I will give him/her permission to begin writing certain spelling words in cursive. Please do not allow your child to move too quickly, proper letter formation and connecting must be mastered for the students to be successful, and we have not covered all of the letters yet.

GRAMMAR: This week we will learn how to form possessives. This concept can be difficult for students; please encourage your child to listen carefully in class and to learn the rules.  The students will also learn abbreviations. We will be taking a unit test on nouns next Tuesday, October 16.  A practice test will  be sent home on Thursday, and will be due the following Monday. The unit test will review subjects, predicates, and sentences types. It will also cover nouns, plurals, possessives, and capitalization. The rules and information can be found in the LA book pgs. 78-98. Weekly grammar tests are given on Wednesdays, these tests are generally not listed in the student agenda.

MATH:  It is time for the students to begin to learn multiplication! Prior to memorizing the facts, we will learn the concept of multiplication. We will search for arrays, skip count, and complete repeated addition problems. Once the students understand the concept of multiplication, we will learn the identity property and the zero property of multiplication. Then, we will learn to multiply by zero, one, and ten. The students will have timed tests and will be required to practice using flashcards or math magician each day. Please keep your child up-to-date on their multiplication skills. Instant recall of the facts is essential for future success in mathematics. Students will continue to review all Saxon math concepts and take the weekly math assessments. Weekly assessments are given on Wednesdays, these tests are not listed in the agenda. Math study guide and review sheet.

SCIENCE:  This week the students will learn how plants and animals interact. We will take time to learn how to apply what we learn to new situations, and we will work on test taking strategies. The students will work on classroom assignments, but will not have an assessment on this chapter. We will begin a new unit next week.

SOCIAL STUDIES: The students will begin using  map skills take-it-to-your seat practice kits this week. There are 13 folders. Each folder focuses on a different map skill. The students will earn a classwork grade for each kit. The first grade earned will be recorded in the grade book; however, students must correct mistakes until they earn a 100. The difficulty level varies from kit to kit.  Please remind your child to do his/her personal best and to ask for help when needed. The students will review the Southeastern states and  learn the Pacific Region states.

TECHNOLOGY:  The students will practice typing skills and review the toolbar functions. We will vary the font size and color, align text, insert clipart, and open and save documents. The students will also learn how to use spellcheck and  insert a table. We will use internet4classrooms to study toolbars. The students will be provided with a study guide. Next week, they will need to create a document on their own. While I encourage the students to practice at home, if you have Windows 2010 your child will need to adjust to the different toobar format.

LIBRARY: The students are required to check out one Book Adventure book each week. The students should read this book and take the Book Adventure test on it prior to the next library class. It is essential for third grade students to read every night. The current Book Adventure Contest will end on 11/09/2012. A classwork grade is given every four weeks based on Book Adventure points accumulation. We will continue to read the story Abel’s Island in class this week. The listening tests will count as a classroom grade in reading.


Thursday 10/18  All-School Mass

Friday 10/19 Parent/Teacher Conferences – No School for students

Monday 10/22 through Friday 10/26: Red Ribbon Week (watch for fun activities and accessories allowed)

Week of 10/22 – 10/26:  Red Ribbon Week – Bake Sale during lunch to support 8th grade DC trip

Wednesday 10/24:  Fire Prevention Presentation

Thursday 10/25  Field Trip: Please wear Mass uniforms and bring a packed lunch.



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