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Care Packages – Washington Trip Fundraiser

Does your favorite student need a little extra encouragement prior to the Explorer Test?  The 8th grade students have a solution!  Send your special student an Explorer Test Power Pack.  These will include peppermints (known to stimulate the brain prior to test tasting), a protein bar or trail mix (to give them that burst of energy when it’s needed the most), and a note of encouragement (you can write your own or a special note will be written for you).  Their faces will light up when they see their “Power Pack” on their desk on the morning of the test. 

The Explorer Test will be given to 7th and 8th graders October 22-26.  You can purchase one or one for each day.  The cost is $5.00 for the regular pack and $6.00 if you would like to add a bottle of water.

Orders must be received by Friday, October 19th in order for the students to assemble these but a few will be available on test dates as well (for an additional 50 cents).  If you want to provide your own words of encouragement, please send that along as well.  All proceeds help fund the 8th grade annual trip to Washington, D.C.

(Information provided by 8th grade parents)

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