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This Week in Second Grade

Reading: We started a new unit today called Let’s Explore. Our first selection is “Ants! They are hard workers!” Vocabulary words for this selection are insects, cocoon, tunnels, enemies, and invade.  Test on the selection will be on Friday.

Spelling: This week’s words are: real, sleep, we, feel, east, green, team, belong, knee, clear. Challenge words are: peach, cheese, please, between, and eagle. Test will be on Friday.

Math: Test tomorrow. Items on the test may include: story problems, dividing shapes in half, telling time to the half hour, one half, one third, one sixth, reading a thermometer to the closest 10 degrees, and some of the math facts that have been covered so far.

Religion: Quiz tomorrow on Baptism and Original Sin. We will play a review game before we take the quiz.

Science: We are talking about animal life cycles and the different kinds of animals.

Social Studies: We will be talking about calendars and learning about how different communities have changed over time.


Please send $5 with your child this week for the party.

Library is tomorrow. Please bring library books back.

PE is on Wednesday. Remember to bring uniform.

Half day on Friday. We will be going to adoration and meeting with our buddies.

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