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Look What We Are Studying in Pre-K……


Pre-K will be attending Mass on Thursday. All parents are welcome to attend Mass with us.

Friday, October 5th is an 11:30 dismissal.

Fall Break is October 8th-12th, No school.

Language Arts– The students will be able to make judgments about what they hear; identify first and second sounds. The students will associate spoken words with written word and use new vocabulary introduced.

Religion– Read Genesis 12:1-8. The children will retell the story of Sarah and Abraham and will understand that God has chosen them like he chose Sarah and Abraham.

Writing- The students will demonstrate body awareness when making mat man and will demonstrate letter awareness and same/difference discrimination.

Computer Class- The students will continue practicing their mouse skills. Please continue to encourage your child to practice these skills at home.

Math- The students will be able to compare groups of concrete objects using the terms, more, fewer and same and will be able to recognize when a group of concrete objects is increased or decreased by one.

Science- The students will identify some things plants need to live.

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