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First Grade News

Language Arts:

We will be focusing on the schwa sound, nk, ng, and qu this week.  Students will be coming home with decodeables to help with the schwa sound.  It is for extra reading practice.  We will be finishing up our unit on responsibility with learning about how to care for the environment.  Once all the scarecrows arrive, we will be reading various stories about scarecrows and looking at the elements of the story.  Students will focus on the main plot, supporting ideas, problem and solution.  We will then work on writing a short story to go with our scarecrows.


Working on writing question sentences using the who, what, when, where, why, how.  Students will work on writing a rough draft about being responsible for a either a pet, at home, or at school.  We will continue to writing in our journals.


Working on doubles facts to 18, counting money, writing simple addition sentences and begin touchmath with only one number having dots.  Students will learn to say the larger number and count on.  Test on Thursday.

Science: Test on Tuesday over Apples.


Continue to discuss body and soul and our Guardian Angels.  Quiz will be on T Thursday.

Spelling: Test on F Friday

Beginning this week students will have 12 words.  Ten will be from the sounds we worked on last week and the other 2 words will be sight words.  The sight words are ones that are used quiet often in our daily writing and need to be spelled correctly.

her, hurt, shirt, girl, turn, helper, hard, shark, car, first, are, when



10/2 Scarecrows due

10/4 Mass

10/5  half day out @ 11:30

10/8-10/12 Fall Break


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