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This Week at a Glance for September 25-28, 2012


This week students have been working on using a compass to make a circle. They also have recently learned to recognize and make a radius and a diameter for a circle. They have been reviewing place value to the 100 thousands and associative property of addition.


For two weeks students read a play several times about Langston Hughes. Then they were divided up into groups of four and performed the play with props in front of the class. They all seemed to really enjoy this activity. The teacher did too! This week students read a story in the genre of myths, titled Daedalus and Icarus. Spelling words this week are compound words. A post test will be given Friday.

Language Arts

Students have been studying nouns. This week they are studying plural nouns.


Students just finished a chapter on Cain and Abel. This week they are studying about Noah and the great flood, and the consequences of turning away from God.


This week students are learning about simple and complex animals, including vertebrates and invertebrates.

Social Studies 

Over the last two weeks students have been learning about things related to maps – map key, map scale, symbols, cardinal and intermediate directions. This week they are working with latitude and longitude.









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