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First Grade News


Our first field trip will be this Wednesday!  The students have been learning a lot about apples, pollination, and are excited to visit a real working apple orchard.  Please remember to pack your child’s lunch in a Kroger type grocery bag.  The attire for the day will be jeans, an SJV polo and tennis shoes.  

** Due to a shorten week and our up coming field trip there will be no spelling words or test this week**

Language Arts:

From last week we will continue to work on the Bossy R triplets.  We will be reading book selcetions by Lois Elhert.  Students will learn about the techniques that she used to create her illustrations.  After reading the leaf man by Elhert, studnets will create their own leaf men and write a short story about him or her.


We will continue to work on declarative sentences.  After reading Aruther’s Pet Business, students will brainstorm ways to be good pet owners and then begin drafting how to care for a pet.  We will also be using wixi stixs to underline contractions in the story to become more familiar with them.


Students will learn the doubles rap to help them with adding doubles up to 10.  We will continue to work on creating simple addition sentences using apple seeds and solve word problems.  Students will be given the task of creating their own word problem for homework.


Test over unit 2 families will be on Thursday


Test over apples will be on next Tuesday.  This test will cover things that we did in class.  Students will not need a study guide for this.


Continue to discuss Body and Soul.  Students will be using magazines to cut pictures to go along with the five senses.  Mass is on Thursday.

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