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First Grade News

Language Arts

Students will blend, spell, read and write words with /ar/ (pirate sound), /mb/, /w/ and /er,ir,ur/.  We call them the Bossy R triplets.  The story behind the Bossy R triplets is rather quiet cute.  Mr. and Mrs. R  already had 2 children Ar and Or when their triplets were born.  Keep an eye out in your child’s folder this Friday for more on the Bossy R triplets.  Students will  listen to a story about how an apple grows “from seed to apple” and sequence events using a flow map.


We will be working on declarative sentences and writing more about responsibility.  Students will learn about choosing a topic from informational text.


with, this, chat, lunch, ship, fish, for, born, short, thorns ** test on Friday**


Practice touch math, identify ordinal numbers, using non standard forms of measurement and balance and weight.  We will compare weights of objects by weighing them in their hands, measuring with a scale, and compare masses with balance.


Be made aware that man is made of body and soul.  We will also the five senses as a gift from God. ** Quiz on Thursday**


Apples!!! Students will  identify the part of an apple flower and its function, and identify the parts of the plant.

Grow a plant from a seed, observe, measure, and record plants growth.  Using plastic bags and wet paper towels we will begin the growth cycle of an apple seed.  This way student can see the root and sprout.  Then we will trans plant into a cup to continue growth.



9/20 Picture Day

9/24 No School

9/26 Field Trip to Jackson Orchard



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