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Grade 3: This Week at a Glance – September 17 – 21


The students’ pictures will be taken on Thursday, September 20. Students should wear their Mass uniforms. Individual and class pictures will be taken at this time.

RELIGION: This week we finish our unit on Old Testament bible characters. The presentations were excellent. All of the students did a fabulous job. On Monday we will go over our notes and play a game to help the students remember the facts. A study guide will come home on Monday. The students should use their notes to help them answer the questions. The religion test will be on Tuesday.

READING: This week we will begin a new unit. The reading unit will compliment our science unit on animal habitats. Many of the stories are non-fiction. Non-fiction stories are often more difficult for the students because they need to understand concepts and remember facts. This week we will read  One Small Place in a Tree. On Tuesday, the students will rotate through learning centers to help them learn the content and vocabulary.  Our reading assessment will be on Friday.  This will be the first test that I will grade the paragraph and essays for a grade. Please remind your child to follow grammar rules, to proofread, and to answer each part of the question.

GRAMMAR: The students will learn about explanatory writing, and will do a presentation on their topic. Please look for information on this project in a few weeks. This week, the students will learn about nouns. We will identify nouns in writing, learn to form plurals, capitalize proper nouns, form possessives, and abbreviate several nouns.

SPELLING: This week our words list will contain long i words and regular plurals.  The spelling test will be on Friday. Failure to complete spellingcity assignments will result in a grade reduction on Friday’s test.

MATH: This week we will review the concepts that we have studied so far this year. The students will take their assessment on Tuesday since we will be on a field trip on Wednesday. New concepts this week include counting money with bills and coins, making change up to $5.00, and identifying polygons.

The students will use the TenMarks program during computer this week.

SCIENCE: We will begin our next science unit, Animal Habitats, this week. The students will complete the first investigation and study Unit B Lesson 1. Please help your child keep up with the information and vocabulary. This is a good opportunity for the students to learn how to study in small increments rather than cramming for a test. This is a skill that parents need to reinforce at home.

SOCIAL STUDIES:  We began learning map skills last week. This week the students will continue their study on maps, create a map of our classroom, and begin working on map skill kits in the classroom. We will have a test on map skills on Thursday. The students need to study the information and vocabulary on pages H9-H16.

LIBRARY: Please have your child take the BA test on his/her library book. The next Book Adventure Contest has begun. The next grade for BA will be taken on 10/5/12. The contest name is Falling for a Good Book. The pin for the contest is FK295. Please make sure your child is registered for this contest. The requirements for grades will be same as the last contest. If all of the students earn 500 points we will celebrate with a class party.

CLASSROOM BOOK: We will finish reading The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Skene Catling this week. The students will take the BA test, which will count as a reading grade this week. This story can be related to our faith in many ways. We will explore the sin of selfishness, the effects our actions have on others, and to use things in moderation.

Wed. 9/19 Field Trip to Cheekwood Botanical Gardens (Mass Uniform)

Thurs. 9/28  Picture Day (Mass Uniform)  All-School Mass

Fri. 9/29 Feast Day (Mass Uniform)


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