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Week at a Glance


This week we are reviewing the following concepts: writing money amounts using the dollar and cents sign; measuring line segments using inches, centimeters, and millimeters; adding three two-digit addends using mental computation; adding two three-digit addends using mental computation.


Students will be reading a play about Langston Hughes. The story portrays how Langston was in conflict with his father over what to do as an occupation (Langston followed his heart and became a great American poet). The spelling words for the week have inflected endings. A comprehension strategy we will be discussing is “adjusting the reading speed”.


Students have begun and will continue to write a personal narrative.


Students are studying nouns: common and proper, singular possessive and plural possessive.


We are talking about sin: how it can be by word, thought, or deed; how it affects other people; how God loves the sinner and wants us to confess our sins to be forgiven and be restored to Him.


Students will be using real maps to use map features such as a map scale, legend, and compass rose.


We will continue learning about cells, and we will learn about the features of animals. Students will be doing an experiment using natural sponges (was once living creatures) and artificial sponges. Natural sponges are the simplest animals consisting of only two cell layers.


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