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This Week in 2nd Grade

Reading: We are reading “The Lion and the Mouse.” Vocabulary words for this week are: raged, furious, snoozing, gnaw, and repay. Test will be on Friday.

Language Arts: We are writing our own fairy tales and reviewing the different kinds and parts of sentences. Test on sentences will be on Friday.

Spelling: Words this week are: repay, meter, eve, gene, beside, elect, pretend, these, hero, demand. Challenge words are: compete, create, evening, delete, eraser. Test will be on Friday.

Math: We are learning adding 9 facts this week. We are also learning about the fraction 1/2 and word problems. There is no test this week.

Religion: Unit test on chapters 1-4 is Wednesday. The test is very similar to quizes we have taken so far this year.

Science: Test on Chapter 1 is Wednesday. This test covers plants and living and nonliving things. Students will bring home vocabulary words and a book to read with their parents.

Social Studies: We are learning about the compass rose and how communities have changed over time.

Reminder: Fun Run is on Friday. All forms are due back Wednesday September 12th. Students need to wear PE uniform, white socks, and white tennis shoes to school on Friday.

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