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First Grade News


** Field Trip premission slips and money is due 9/11

** Fun Run 9/14 @ 12:45

** Library books due every Friday



Language Arts:

Students will blend, spell, read and write words with /sh/ (teachers favorite sound ūüėČ /ch/, /th/ and /or/. ¬†When doing the /sh/ as a helpful tool, students will put their finger to their lips and make the sshhhh sounds, as if asking someone to be quiet. ¬†When we do the /ch/ students will¬†mimic¬†a train wheel in movement while repeating the three sounds that /ch/can generate. ¬†We will also continue to discuss verbs, helping verbs and adding /ed/ to the end of a verb to show past tense. ¬†Students¬†will be assessed over Unit 2 reading this week.


Practice writing sh, ch, cth, or, th.  We will also work on sentence structure.  Students really enjoy working in their daily edit notebooks and are doing a great job correcting simple sentences and then solving the the problem in the sentence.


red, bed, then, send, mix, fox, help, helped, jump, jumped.   Test on Friday!


Continue to use touch math to help solve addition sentences, count pennies and create a bubble rub map to identify characteristics of a penny, discuss what 1/2 means and identify odd and even numbers.


Continue to discuss that Heaven is our “permanent” home. ¬†We will be¬†visiting¬†the church to get a better understanding for when a “little piece of Heaven” comes to mass. ¬†Last week the class made cute books on the creation. ¬†We will continue to discuss creation and learn more about Adam and Eve.


We will discuss was people get around.  Students will recognize household items that have changed over the years and how families have changed due to technology.


Next week we will begin our Apple Unit!!!!!


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