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Grade 3: This Week at a Glance – Sept. 10 – 14


The Fun Run is on Friday. Please have your child wear his/her Mass uniform to school (it is a Feast Day) and bring his/her PE uniform to change into for the Fun Run. Parents are welcome to come join the fun! The third and fourth grade classes sponsor this event, so if you have not volunteered to help, but would like to, please contact Mrs. Smith.

RELIGION: This week we will be studying Old Testament bible characters. The students will present their projects this week. Remember, this is supposed to be an introduction to following a rubric and doing a project. Since education is a partnership between home and school, it is essential that parents guide their children. While parents should not do the project, they should provide feedback, monitor computer use, and help the student experience success. Be creative, and have a great time!

READING: This week we will read the story Teammates. This is a true story about Jackie Robinson and his struggles as the first black man to play professional baseball in the American League. We will continue to discuss discrimination, social justice, and how children can make a difference when they make good choices and stand up for others. Our reading assessment will be on Friday. Please check your Wednesday folder for information on how these tests are graded.

HEALTH: This week, we will start to cover some of our health topics. We will use the stories  Beauty and the Beast, Rugby and Rosie, Good-Bye Shin Dang Dong, Teammates, and Iggie’s House to discuss how we should treat people who are different than us. We will cover teasing, bullying, and conflict resolution. The students will be encouraged to identify an adult at they school that they can trust and talk to.  We will also discuss the difference between tattling and going to an adult for help.

GRAMMAR: The students are learning how to write a personal narrative. This week they will edit and revise their paragraphs and then present them to the class. The students will take a grammar quiz on Tuesday. On Thursday they will have a comprehensive test on sentence types, subjects, predicates, dictionary skills, and personal narratives. It is essential that the students complete the study guide. Please encourage your child to use the book to find grammar rules, to read directions carefully, and to take their time answering the questions. 

Our next unit will cover nouns: common and proper nouns, singular and plural nouns, singular and plural possessive nouns. The students will learn to identify nouns, form plurals, show possession, and capitalize correctly. We will also learn explanatory writing.

SPELLING: This week our words will have silent consonants. /n/ spelled kn, /r/ spelled wr, /f/ spelled ph, and /m/ spelled mb. We will also identify short and long vowel words in our list. The spelling test will be on Friday. Failure to complete spellingcity assignments will result in a grade reduction on Friday’s test.

MATH:  This week we focus on comparing numbers, subtraction, and fractions. We will also review previous math concepts (money, rounding, estimating, writing dates, and patterns).  The next test will be on Wednesday. Please remind your child to read the directions carefully and to complete all parts of the test.

Please check your Wednesday folder for information on the TenMarks math program. TenMarks is a free math site that allows teachers to assign tracks and monitor student progress. The students will have assignments on the site. Each track has a video lesson and then several practice lessons. Once the student completes all of the activities, there is a test on the topic. I am able to pull up reports that identify problem areas. These reports will allow me to modify instruction to meet your child’s personal needs. Please make sure your child is completing TenMarks assignments on time. I will incorporate scores and completion into your child’s math grade.

SCIENCE:  We will begin our next science unit, Animal Habitats, next week. This week we will complete activities to prepare for our visit to Cheekwood Gardens next week.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Please do not be alarmed that the students will not have a social studies grade on their interim report card. Since the students are just learning how to study and take tests on nonfiction material, I try to divide our focus between science and social studies. This week, we will focus on social studies. A tentative test is schedule for Wednesday.

LIBRARY: Please have your child take the BA test on his/her library book. Students will not be able to check out a new book unless they took the test on the book they have. I will be taking a grade based on the BA scores on Friday, September 14. Students should be reading books at a third grade reading level or higher. I realize that there are some really good books that the students enjoy that are under a 3.0 reading level; however any tests taken on books under a 2.5 reading level will not count toward the total points for the contest.

CLASSROOM BOOK: We finished reading Iggie’s House and all of the students passed the Book Adventure test.  Next, we will read The Chocolate Touch by by Patrick Skene Catling. This book is a favorite among children. A young boy is consumed with his love for chocolate. When he gets the chocolate touch everything he touches turns to chocolate. It doesn’t take long for the young boy to realize that too much of a good thing can be bad! Please encourage your child to listen attentively. We will take several listening quizzes on the story. The students will also take the BA test, which will count as a reading grade. This story can be related to our faith in many ways. We will explore the sin of selfishness, the effects our actions have on others, and to use things in moderation.

Wed. 9/12 Interim Grades

Thurs. 9/13 All School Mass

Fri. 9/14 Feast Day Mass and Fun Run

Wed. 9/19 Field Trip to Cheekwood Botanical Gardens


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