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Social Studies




8th Grade- In Social Studies the eighth grade is doing a great job on their Revolutionary War presentations.  We will finish the presentations up this week.  As of now 8th grade will be having a test on the Revolutionary War period on Monday, September 10th.

7th Grade- We have finished our studies on culture and government.  We are now going to start our unit (a long unit) on Geography! To break up the week the students are also writing a children’s book.  This project will consist of writing a story in which the main character must travel around the world to get ingredients for a specal recipe. These will be read to one of the younger classes once they have been completed!

6th Grade-  We are continuing to learn about the ancient civilizations.  In learning about these we are also discussing time lines.  This week the students will be creating a time line of their own life!

5th Grade- We will continue in our book and learn about the french explorers and the expansions they made in the early colonies.  We will also begin our study on the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War!

All grades are doing a wonderful job in Social Studies.  Keep studying hard!  5th grade won the first week Quotes contest.  8th grade won the second week! Great job!

Mrs. Raybourne


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