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Week At A Glance


Students will begin reading books and doing book reports that they will present to the class. They will be due every two weeks through the first semester. After the first of the year, they will be due every week. Our students this year appear to “love” to read a good book that they are interested in. We have Silent Reading times every day in the classroom, and you could hear a pin drop when they are reading. In our reading book, they read a story called “Two Tickets to Freedom”, which was a biography. This week they will be reading ” Mrs. Frisby and the Crow, which is fantasy. They will be learning new vocabulary words from the story and they will be focusing on the comprehension strategies of Predicting, Visualizing, and Making Connections.


Every week the students take a spelling pre-test on Monday and a final test on Friday. The words this week have the word endings (suffixes) -ly, -tion, -sion, -ous, -able.


Students just had a quiz over the kinds of sentences – declarative, interrogative, exclamatory, and imperative. This week they will be learning/reviewing compound sentences, complete subjects and predicates, and simple subjects and predicates.


This week students will be learning about the first murder in the Bible and the effects and consequences of sin. More specifically, they will discuss cause and effect, and also how we all have hope through Jesus.


Students have been focusing on learning/reviewing the continents and oceans. This week they will focus also on cardinal and intermediate directions, identifying and using a compass rose, and other map features such as map titles, map keys, scales, latitude and longitude.


Students will continue to learn about the cell, vertebrates, invertebrates, arthropods, and plants with seeds.


Students will be learning how to identify missing addends, missing numbers in a sequence, how to tally information from a survey, and how to add two-digit numbers using mental computation.






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