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This Week in Middle School Math

5.) Fifth graders will begin talking about multiplication. We will discuss properties of multiplication and practice multiplying large numbers. I would recommend practicing multiplication facts at home this week as it is very important that students know them for this chapter.

6.) Sixth graders will be discussing equations this week. We will translate words to numbers and solve simple equations.

7.) Seventh grade is continuing our review this week and we will be reviewing operations with fractions. We will move quickly through this unit so it is important that students do their homework carefully each night.

8.) In algebra we will be continuing chapter two which focuses on integers and operations with integers.

***All students will have their first test returned to them this week in their Wednesday folders. They need to  rework in red pen any questions that they missed. This will count as a homework grade.

****Correction: With back to school night on Wednesday and multiple tests scheduled on Thursday we will make corrections at a later time.

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