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First Grade News

Language Arts: ** read trail due 9/4**

This week we will be blend, spell and read words with g, j /dge/, short u, and z.  We are working on blending one word syllables as well as figuring how many syllables are in a word.  Reviewing nouns and plural nouns and introducing possessive nouns.  We will have a test on Thursday.  


We will be using adjectives in our writing.  Students will pick an object in the classroom and write about it using descriptive words.  We will continue to work on sentence structure and discuss three types of sentences.


Begin touch math (look for info in Wednesday folders).  Work out simple addition and subtraction sentences using touch math and solving word problems.  Review shapes and discuss the numbers 11, 12 and 13.  Students will get to explore touch math through clay!!!


Identify Heaven as God’s home……..a perfect place for happiness.  Quiz over chapter 1 on Wednesday!


Studying animal habitats.  Students will be working in groups researching about various animals and their habitats to present to the class.

Social Studies:

Continue to discuss families and homes.  We will be creating a double bubble to compare different types of homes.

Spelling:  Test on Friday  We had fun typing our spelling words during computer class today.  We created a word document and played around with different font sizes in the process.

rock, sock, luck, duck, pack, black, deck, neck, sick, stick



8/30 All School Mass

9/3 No school

9/4 August Read Trail is due!

9/7  half day out @ 11:30


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