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Grade 3: This Week at a Glance – August 27 – 31

RELIGION:  This week, we will be studying Chapter 2 in our religion book. The students will learn about God’s creation. Our next assessment will be after Labor Day. Next week the students will begin work on a project. Each student will be assigned a bible character to research. The students will become teachers and teach the class about their character. This project was a huge success last year!

READING:  Our reading selection this week is Good-Bye, 382 Shin Dang Dong. In addition to reading realistic fiction, the students will enjoy learning about Chinese culture and then make a Chinese fan. The students will also practice writing addresses. We will write letters to soldiers and to Mrs. Maluchnik! Our reading and spelling test will be on Friday.

GRAMMAR:  The students will continue to learn about subjects and predicates. This week we will learn to identify the simple subject and the simple predicate. The students will take a grammar test on Thursday.

SPELLING: This week’s spelling words review long vowel sounds and the /j/ and/s/ sounds. We will also learn how to form contractions. Please check your child’s agenda for the spelling list. assignments are due on Friday. Failure to complete spellingcity assignments will result in a grade deduction on Friday’s test.

MATH:  This week the students will begin to learn the value of coins and how to count money. They will also be introduced to dividing things into equal parts and identifying fractions. The next test will be on Wednesday. Please remind your child to read the directions carefully and to complete all parts of the test.

SCIENCE: This week we will make observations and draw conclusions. We will finish taking notes on the chapter, complete the chapter review, and prepare for our first test. I can not stress the importance of studying science after each lesson enough. The students need to know all of the terms and understand the concepts. The vocabulary words are on They are under the “science” category and the title “Types of Plants”. Although spelling the words correctly is encouraged, the students should focus on playing the vocabulary games. Students who use the program to study will reap great benefits. The tentative test date for chapter 1 is on Wednesday, September 5. Please check your child’s agenda.

SOCIAL STUDIES:  This week we will continue to study famous American documents, patriotic symbols and patriotic songs.

LIBRARY: Please have your child take the BA test on their library book. Students will not be able to check out a new book unless they took the test on the book they have. Some of the students are taking the tests, but getting very low scores. Please remind your child that he/she can look up the answers in their book. Skimming and locating information in text are both extremely important skills to know. You are welcome to read to your child and to show your child how to find information in the book (look for key words, locate the part of the story where you think the answer may be, skim for information, etc.) Please guide your child, but do not answer the questions directly.

CLASSROOM BOOK: I am currently reading Judy Blume’s Iggie’s House aloud to the students. When Winnie’s friend, Iggie, moves away, the first black family moves into the neighborhood. Winnie immediately becomes friends with the children, but how do the adults act?  We will use the story to discuss history, friendship, and discrimination, and to examine the Church’s teachings on human dignity.  We will also use the story to show that children can make a difference, make good choices, and bear witness to God in their lives. Iggie’s’House is a BA book, so the students will all take the BA test. This test will count as a listening grade and will be recorded as a classroom grade in reading.

Sat. 8/25      PTP Spaghetti Supper @ 5:30pm

Wed. 8/29    Back to School Night @ 6pm

Mon. 9/3     Labor Day.   No School

Thurs. 9/6   All School Mass

Fri. 9/7         11:30 Dismissal

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