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I am so excited to be bringing ARTSONIA to SJV.  Artsonia is an online art gallery of your child’s work.  Artsonia showcases artwork from thousands of schools around the world.  Artsonia’s goals are to help develop students’ pride and self-esteem, increase their multicultural understanding through art and involve parents and relatives in student education and accomplishments.

COOL FEATURE!  Comments on your child’s artwork: One of the most exciting features about being published on Artsonia’s Art Museum is that friends and family can leave a nice comment for the artist and become a fan club member of the artist.

SAFE!  How do you ensure privacy for young students? On the Artsonia website, each student is identified only by a screenname which is usually the student’s first name and number (e.g., Sarah22). Last names are never publicly posted on the website. Additionally, all comments are pre-approved by the registered parent before being posted for the artist. Parents register after the art teacher distributes a “security key” to the parent and they visit the website directly.

$ FOR THE ART ROOM!  Financial support for art program: After the student artwork is published online, the parents and family may purchase keepsakes from the museum with the child’s artwork imprinted on it, and 15% of the revenue is commissioned back to the school art program. Depending on the amount of promotion the teacher invests and the demographic of family members, this support could range from hundreds to thousands of dollars for additional equipment / art supplies for the classroom.

The gallery build’s on itself each year your student is at SJV.  Please look for the informational parent letter and permission slip in the Wednesday folder.

I can’t wait to get started.  I proud to say that no other private school in the area has taken this on.  With a little work on my part, I hope to make SJV’s art program in a class all our own!


Mrs. Wehby


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