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Grade 3: This Week at a Glance – August 20 – 24

RELIGION:  Our first religion test is this Tuesday.  Please help your child complete the study guide and learn the meaning of the Our Father.  The students may begin to recite their prayers this week. A list of prayers that third grade students need to learn will be sent home in the Wednesday folder. We are also making a “My Prayers” book.

READING:  Our reading selection this week is The Legend of Damon and Pythias. The students will learn how to read a play, act out scenes, and learn more about friendship and trust. We will also find ways to look for God in secular material. How did the characters reflect God’s love? Do we see Jesus as our friend? Do we trust Him, even when it seems like He is not there?

GRAMMAR:  The students will identify exclamations and commands and learn to punctuate sentences correctly. They will also learn to combine sentences. The first grammar test will be on Friday.

SPELLING: This week’s spelling words contain /j/ and/s/ sounds as well compound words. Please check your child’s agenda for the spelling list. assignments are due on Friday. The students will have a spelling test on Friday. I will demonstrate how to complete the spellingcity assignments on Monday. This week, 10 points will be deducted from the spelling test if the assignments are not complete. Students may work on spellingcity at school during snack time, in the morning, when they finish classwork assignments, and during recess when I am not on duty; however the student is responsible for taking the initiative to ask for computer time.

MATH:  This week the students will learn how to tell time to the half  hour,  measure to the nearest inch, learn the term congruent, and have their first math test. The first test will be on Wednesday.

SCIENCE: The students are doing a great job taking notes. This week we will continue to study plants. We will learn about simple plants, see how water is carried through plants, grow seeds, and learn the parts of a seed. The students will also watch a radish, onion, and carrot grow in our “Root Viewer” kit. I highly recommend that the students study each lesson as we cover it. The tests cover several lessons and studying all of the material at the last minute is stressful and usually inefficient. Our first science test will be next week. Please watch for the test date in your child’s agenda.

SOCIAL STUDIES:  We will begin the year by learning about the United States. The students will look up patriotic symbols and design pages for a team book.

TECHNOLOGY:  The students will review the terms Internet, web browser, and website.  The students will research topics and design pages for our social studies book.

LIBRARY:  The students will watch a video production created by last year’s Team Third Grade. Then, they will produce a video to teach students how to use the library!

Please have your child take the BA test on their library book. Students will not be able to check out a new book unless they took the test on the book they have.

BOOK ADVENTURE:  Please make sure your child is registered for the Team 3 Loves to Read contest. Each child must register and earn a minimum of 300 points by Sept. 14. This will count as a classwork grade. Information about the contest and grading scale were sent home in the Wednesday folder. Students may take Book Adventure tests in the morning, at snack time, during library, and at recess when I am not on duty. It is the student’s responsibility to ask to take the test.

Th   8/23      All School Mass (wear Mass uniform)

Fri. 8/24      Feast Day Mass (wear Mass uniform)

Sat. 8/25      PTP Spaghetti Supper @ 5:30pm

Wed. 8/29    Back to School Night @ 6pm

Mon. 9/3     Labor Day.   No School

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