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Our Last week In Kindergarten!

Well, I can’t believe it is here, the last week!  I know the students are very excited about summer vacation.  I hope to make our last week together very fun for the students.  Here is what is planned.

MONDAY – We will finish reading Charlotte’s Web and begin watching the movie, as well as complete our alphabet squares activity.  The students filled the “Good Behavior Gumball Machine” last week and will be receiving their reward, popsicles and an extra recess!

TUESADY – We will finish watching Charlotte’s Web and create a Venn Diagram comparing the book to the movie.  We will be making cards for our biddies.  The students will also rotate through “summer”theme workshops.

WEDNESDAY – GAME DAY!!!!  The students may bring in their favorite game (no electronics) from home to play with their classmates and buddies.  We will be having a party with our buddies in the morning.  I will providing pizza, drinks and cookies for lunch, since the students will be eating in the classroom due to the Ordination taking place.  The students do not need to pack a lunch, but they will still need a snack. 

THURSDAY – Field Day!!!!  11:30 dismissal.  Please remember to apply sunscreen to your child prior to coming to school.  Looking at the forcast for the week, it will be HOT!

FRIDAY – Mass, awards and end of the year party.  It is an 11:30 dismissal but you may check your child out at any time.

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