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Grade 3: This Week at a Glance – May 7 – 11

Please return all library books — for both the classroom and school library — by this Wednesday, May 9.

Social Studies Projects are due Monday

Science Test Thursday and Math Assessment Wednesday

Religion:  This week the students will be able to ask questions about our faith. We will talk about the topics of their choice.  Then, we will learn how to relax and focus on Jesus. The students will take part in a simple meditation.

English:  This week, I will introduce several grammar kits. The students will work individually on the kits while I work with small groups on specific skills.

Literature: This week the students will read for enjoyment.  We will read the final 5 stories in our reading book and then have “book club” type discussions. We will also read several books about different countries.

Spelling:  I will be working with individual students on spelling patterns and phonics skills. Please check your child’s agenda for assignments.

Science:  We will finish Unit D. The test on the solar system will be on Thursday. The students will complete the chapter review during class on Wednesday and will be given a study guide to complete for homework Wednesday evening.  On Friday we will begin our final science unit on energy.

Social Studies: The students will present their projects on Monday and Tuesday.  The students will continue to work on their social studies kits. Most of the students are doing very well on these. I am grading each one, recording the grade, and then having the students fix any errors.  The students must earn a 100 percent to move to the next kit. The original grade is recorded. Once the students finish all 13 kits, the average of the 13 grades will be recorded as a test grade. Please encourage your child to do his/her personal best on each kit.

Math:  The students are learning to use a number line to identify negative numbers. They are also learning how to plot coordinates. Our next assessment is on Wednesday.  Please encourage your child to use the TenMarks program at home.

Health:  We will discuss the importance of personal hygiene, exercise, and healthy eating.



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