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Grade 2 Weekly News

Religion:  Chapter 32  Mary, Our Mother  Don’t forget to bring in a flower for May Crowning at the all-school Mass on Wednesday!

Math:  We are reviewing and practicing what we have learned this year.

Spelling:  Test on Friday, May 4- If a student earns a 100 on the pretest, they do not have to take the test on Friday.  

flow, flower, cook, cube, tool, took, nook, noon, fume, loom

Challenge Words:  moonbeam, mountain, mowing, truth, kangaroo  

Reading:  Test on Friday, May 4

April and Her Family by Susan Kuklin

We are reading chapter books!  Your child should read for at least 15 minutes each Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night.  Please help them record what they read in the Red Reading Folder.  Thank you!!

Language: Possessive nouns, review of antonyms and synonyms, compound words, and words that make contractions.

Science: Unit F, Chapter 1  What are Forces?

Social Studies:  Identify the 13 Colonies & the American Revolution

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