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1st grade happenings

Language Arts:

We will be finishing up our poetry books this week and begin Unit 9 in our reading series titled Home Sweet Home.  We will also be reading and comparing various books by Laura Numeroff and writing our own If you give a First Grader a book.  

Spelling: st and tr blends………. stamp, stack, stay, stable, steal, true, truly, try, train, track.


Keep practicing your facts, we still have three more weeks to go on our gumball math tests.  We will continue to work on counting money and tell time by using 5 minute intervals.


We will be writing letters to Mary and presenting them at the May Crowning on Wednesday after mass.  Please remember to bring a flower on Wednesday.


As we conclude with out space unit we will discuss the sun, what it might be like to be an astronauts and discuss constellations.  I am excited to have students try REAL space food this week!!!!



5/2 May Crowning, please remember to bring a flower

5/4  Half day out @ 11:30

5/4 permission slip due


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