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A Closer Look at 1st Grade!!!

Language Arts:

April is national poetry month.  Students are creating a poetry book and learning how to write various types of poetry.

Spelling review words from unit 8: shy, coast, wait, lonely, cried, crying, human, unite, mice, tape (test on Friday)


Students are working hard on their time addition and subtraction facts.  Keep up the good work on practicing facts at home.  Students will continue to take their gumball math facts every M-W-F.  We will continue to count money using various coins and showing different ways to make amounts.  Telling time by 5 minute intervals and working on story problems.


Studying the moon.  We will be discussing the characteristics of the moon and phases.  Students will be using Oreos to show the phases of the moon.  We will also be learning facts about the sun and watching Wall-E.


Come to understand that Jesus began the Church.  We are taking a look at the roles that the Pope, Bishops, and Priests play.

Social Studies:

Students did a great job on their Unit test over Goods and Services.  Way to go!!!


**At  the end of the year the students will have the opportunity to shop in the classroom store with money that they will be earning.  If you would like to help donate items for our classroom store it would be greatly appreciated.  Suggestions such as candy bars, toys, pencils, books, etc.  **


4/25 No Mass

4/2627 Lunch needs to be brought from home

4/28 Gala

5/2 May Crowning

5/4 1/2 day


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