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4th Grade Book Bag News 4/23/12

Congratulations to Michael Hernandez and Anna Joseph for their participation in the Math Bee and Spelling Bee and congratulations to Anna Joseph on placing Second in the Spelling Bee!!

One 8th grader commented, “I just got spell checked by a 4th grader!”


This Thursday and Friday students will need to bring a sack lunch

as the gym will be closed for Gala set-up.

Here’s what we’re studying this week:

Math: Math Test Friday 4/27.We will be writing common fractions as decimals and adding, subtracting and multiplying with decimals, identifying and estimating square roots, identifying and finding the volume of geometric solids.

Language Arts: Reading and spelling test Friday 4/27. We will begin a new unit Dollars and Sense and read Arandi’s Braids. We will also finish writing our own versions of Cinderella.

Social Studies: We will continue learning the location of the states and their capitals. Retest on Midwestern States Wednesday, 4/25 and begin the last group of states, the Northwestern States.

Religion: We will be studying the story of Moses and watching portions of The 10 Commandments.

Science: Test on Heat Thursday 4/26. We will finish up our unit on Heat studying convection, radiation and conduction and review for Thursday’s test on Wednesday.

Computer: We will learn how to create a power point presentation and finish our American Cultures presentations.

Library: We will choose free reading books and continue working on our oral book reports due 5/4.

Music: We are learning the rap of the states.

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