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1st grade weekly news

Language Arts:

Finishing up our last week of Unit 8 with a story about plants that eat animals.  Students will take an assessment on the past two stories; Green and Growing and Flowers.


tie, grow, low, pie, know, cried, throw, lie, window, dried


Gumball timed test will be every M-W-F.  Congratulations to those who beat the clock and received their first gumball.  Students should continue to practice math facts every night either with fact cards or through math magician (website).  We will continue to work on money, and introduce reading 5 minute intervals on the clock.


TO SPACE AND BEYOOOONNND!  We will begin with learning the planets names and characteristics.  Students will get to act out the solar system, write letters to aliens, learn the phases of the moon with OREOS, and sooo much more!!!

Social Studies:

Test over Goods and Services


Order of the Mass


***********                                                                                                                      ***********

Thank you to all for your donations towards the Gala Basket.  I was able to purchase some fabulous finds.  I encourage all to stop by the office to check out the basket and Dragonflies in Flight.



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