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What’s Happening in Kindergarten

MATH – This week we will begin focusing on basic addition facts, adding 1 and 0 to a number.  We will be learning new addition games as well as reviewing money, and telling time.

RELIGION – This week we will be focusing on the fact that there is one God and three persons in that one God, The Trinity.

SCIENCE – This week we will be observing our seed cups and our terrariums.  We will be learning the parts of the plant and what each part does.

READING – This week we will attach the long /i/ sound to the letter Ii, decode new sight words, produce rhyming words, review letters and sounds, segment syllables by clapping and counting, learn about past tense action words,  and review compound words.

HANDWRITING – This week we will practice lower case “f’ , m, a, d, g,” and the numbers from 30-50.



4/18     All School Mass

4/19     Kindergarten graduaution pictures

4/20     Spelling Bee @ 2:15

4/21 and4/22     Parish Appreciation

4/28   Gala

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