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Grade 3: This Week at a Glance April 16 – 20

I have planned a rigorous but fun-filled day for the students on Monday.  Please keep me in your prayers as I attend my aunt’s funeral. Please remind your child to respect Mrs. Creasy and to have a great day!

Religion:  This week we are “unpacking” Lent. The students will discuss their Lenten journey and will study Jesus’ suffering and death. The students made a beautiful rendition of the Stations of the Cross. These are on display in the hall. Please stop by to see them if you are in the building.

Math:  The students will work on multiplying several digits by one digit. They will also practice dividing several digit numbers by a one digit number. The students will have an assessment on Wednesday. The assessment will have multiplication and division problems and story problems that require multiplication and division.

Spelling:  Word Families: live, lively, relive, living, honor, honorable, honest, honesty, direct, director, direction, indirect, doubt, doubtful, undoubted. Spellingcity homework is due on Friday. Incomplete assignments will result in a ten point grade deduction on the test.

Language Arts:  The students will continue to use correct verbs and identify when verbs are used incorrectly. Our story this week is “The Disappearing Island”.  I will be breaking up the test this week. The students will be completing the writing portion of the test at home on Tuesday evening.  I will be using this for instructional purposes, not for a test grade. The remainder of the test will be given on Friday.

Social Studies:  The students are studying different cultures. If there is a culture that is of particular interest to your child, please let me know. The students will be completing an at-home project. Information will be coming home in the Wednesday folders.

Science:  The students made a thermometer and studied properties of air. This week, they will learn about weather. The students should be studying this information each night. We will be having a test on the material next week. 


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