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Look What We Are Studying in Pre-K……

On Friday, April 13th the Pre-K is going to see the play Click, Clack, Moo at the Nashville Children’s Threatre . Please remember to bring your child’s car sit on Friday.

Theme- The students will investigate the setting and characters of the book Click Clack Moo to prepare for the play on Friday.

Language ArtsThe students will associate names of letters and begin oral blending.

Review High-Frequency Words; my, the, and, a, on, in, you and have.

Introduce have and a new pre-decodable book 10 The Car and the Boat; rebus picture cards car, boat, water and garage.

MathThe students will demonstrate increasing interest in and awareness of numbers and counting as a means for solving problems and determining quantity.

ReligionMatthew 22:34-40. The students will demonstrate how they share Jesus’ love through kind words, loving smiles and helpful actions.

Science- The students will investigate animals that lay eggs.

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