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Look What We Are Studying in Pre-K……

Theme- The students will learn about the Stations of the Cross and how they relate to Easter.

Language Arts– The students will be able to listen with attention. Hear and discriminate separate syllables. Associate the names of letters with their shapes and sounds. Hear and discriminate separate syllables in words by clapping.

Review High-Frequency Words; my, the, and, a, on, in and you.

Introduce you and a new pre-decodable book 9 The Airplane; rebus picture cards airplane and airport.

Math– The students will represent data on a picture graph using everyday experiences.

Religion– Read Luke 23:26-53; 24:1-9. The students will recount the meaning of Easter as God’s love for them that never ends.

Pre-K will go to Stations of the Cross at 9:30 am on Thursday.

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