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This Week In Kindergarten!

Just a few reminders…Report cards are due back on Friday March 30, 6 plastic eggs and egg carton for our Ressurection Eggs are due Monday April 2nd.  There will be a sight word assessment on Wednesday and Thursday, April 4 and 5, on all words.  Here’s what going on this week!

***SAVE THE DATE***    We will be going on a field trip to Huneysuckle Hill Farm on May 1st for their Signs of Spring/Plant Life Tour.  We will need drivers.  Permission slips will be sent home as the date gets closer.  If you are interested in driving, please let me know.

Math – This week we will identify and make symmetrical designs, use indirect comparisons to compare the heights or lengths of objects, identify hot and cold objects, measure using inches.  There will be an assessment on Friday on counting by 5’s and identifying geometric solids.

SOCIAL STUDIES – This week we will countinue our unit on “Our Government”.

SCIENCE – This week we will begin our study of living things.  We will explore what living things need to survive, plant seeds, make predictions, and record what happens in a science journal.

READING/LANGUAGE ARTS – This week we will review previous sight words and decode new words, attach the /y/ sound to the letter Yy, and the /v/ sound to the letter Vv, practice sound-by-sound blending, review rhyming words and compound words, work more with the pronouns I and You, work on sentence building, continue with our unit theme “teamwork”, and read “The Little Red Hen” .

RELIGION – This week we will focus on Palm Sunday and begin to study the passion and death of Jesus by looking and discussing the Stations of the Cross.

WRITING – This week we will write about Spring/Easter.  We will begin to go through the steps of the writing process from brainstorming to the final product.



3/26      All School Mass

3/26     Nashville Symphony

3/26-3/30      Book Fair

3/30       report cards due back

4/2     Spring Uniforms, 6 plastic eggs and egg carton due

4/4 and 4/5     sight word assessment

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