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Look What We Are Studying in Pre-K……

Theme- How Easter relates to spring:

The students will relate Easter to spring, making the connection between the new life we see as spring arrives and the new life God gave Jesus on Easter.

Language Arts- The students will be able to listen with attention. Hear and discriminate separate syllables. Associate the names of letters with their shapes and sounds. Hear and discriminate separate syllables in words by clapping.

Review High-Frequency Words; my, the, and, a, on, in and you.

Introduce you and a new pre-decodable book 9 The Airplane; rebus picture cards airplane and airport.

Math- The students will identify groups of items on a graph.

Religion- Read Matthew 21:1-11. The students will define Palm Sunday and retell the story of Jesus riding into Jerusalem.

Science- The students will investigate magnetic.

Writing- The students will develop alphabet readiness with manipulative, music and crayon skills.

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