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Grade 3: This Week at a Glance – March 26 – 30

Hello everyone. Team Third Grade is back in the swing of things after testing and Spring Break. 

Language Arts:  We are reading the story “Days of Digging” by Holly Cefrey.  The students are learning to identify prepositions, recognize prepositional phrases, and understand what the object of a preposition is.  If your child is interested in archeology the American Museum of Natural History offers a fantastic free website for children to explore:  Scroll down the left side of the site to explore different  topics. 

Science:  The students have a test on Tuesday on pages D2-D25. The students should know all of the terms and understand the concepts in the chapter. The Ology site listed above has great information on water too. The students have completed several investigations, observations, and experiments to learn about precipitation, condensation, and evaporation.

Social Studies:  The students will have a test on Thursday on Chapter 9, Lessons 1 and 2. 

Math:  Students need to know their multiplication facts. The students will practice computation skills daily. This week the students will learn to slide, rotate, and flip objects. We will continue to explore the meaning of fractions. The students will also learn how to measure in millimeters. Assessment 21 will be administered on Wednesday.

Religion: As we continue our Lenten journey, the students will learn about “The Way of the Cross” and the Eucharist. 

Spelling: This week the students are studying words with the following prefixes:  dis-, mid-, auto-, and bi-.  The word list and assignments for the week can be found on – all spellingcity assignments must be completed by 8:00 am on Friday. If the assignments are not completed ten points will be deducted from the final test grade for the week.

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