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1st grade weekly news 3/26

Language Arts:

Review i sound spelled i, i_e, y, and igh.  This weeks story will focus on the elements of fantasy with the story The Garden.  Students will be taking a test over last weeks story on Monday.


Compose a book report on the book The Garden.  Students will also work on writing a coherent paragraph and us plural possessive nouns.

Spelling:  fine, time, dry, shy, fly, mice, by, quite, tired, crying.  Students will have to opportunity to take a pre-test prior to learning the words.  If 100% is earned then they will be exempt from taking the test on Friday.


Measuring capacity, money, addition the last eight facts, geometric solids.  Beginning in April we will begin Gum Ball Math.  Students will be timed on addition and subtraction facts.  Stay tuned for details.  


Identifying different jobs and the goods and services that are made or grown from.


Discuss the sufferings of Jesus and that Jesus suffered and died for us.  Become familiar with the Passion narrative and the stations of the cross.


Members of the Nashville Symphony will be visiting.




* $10 donation due march 29

* Mass 3/26

*Donuts with Dad 3/29

* Book Fair 3/26-3/30

*reading trail due 4/2

* Spring Uniforms begin 4/2


Coming Soon!!!

* Gum Ball Math- math timed tests

* Space unit

* April is national poetry month – poetry books


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