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Look What We Are Studying in Pre-K……

Thank you:

Mr. Vaughn for explaining what a chef does and showing us the kitchen.

Mrs. Kindle for explaining what a nurse does.

Mrs. Gabers for explaining what a librarian and volunteers do.

Mr. Adams for explaining what an engineer does.

Dr. Hobbs for explaining what a veterinarian does.

Mrs. Villalba for explaining how Rich Products Manufacturing Corporation makes barbecue.


Theme- Season-Spring:

Students will understand the changes that occur in our world during the season of spring and the students will investigate how a bird makes a nest during spring.

Language Arts- The students will be able to listen with attention. Hear and discriminate separate syllables. Associate the names of letters with their shapes and sounds. Show an awareness of ending sounds of words. Hear and discriminate separate syllables in words by clapping.

Review High-Frequency Words; my, the, and, a, on and in.

Introduce are and a new pre-decodable book 8 The Letters; rebus picture cards letters, stamps, table, and hand.

Math- The students will use concrete objects to determine the answers to subtraction problems.

Religion- Read Exodus 15:19-21. “Miriam’s Song of Praise”. I can sing and dance to praise God.

Science- The students will observe the wind and how it moves objects.


Our wind experiment!

Writing- Introduce the student to their handwriting book page 48. The student will trace the letter “I”

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