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4th Grade Book Bag News 3/19

I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break, has refueled and is ready to begin this last quarter of 4th grade!

The 4th graders all set 4th quarter goals right before break which will come home in the Wednesday folder. This quarter we will be really focusing on the last of the 4th grade curriculum as well a preparation for Middle School. Each student will have the chance to shadow a 5th grader to really get the feel of switching classes. I will be on the war path this quarter about being responsible and organized – two things that are imperative to success at the Middle School level. Homework will be expected to be turned in first thing in the morning or it will result in a homework notice. This is to reinforce that, once in Middle School, you are not permitted to return to your locker after class has started to retrieve something forgotten.

I will also be putting a large emphasis on writing skills, handwriting smaller on notebook paper and typing. We will move into writing 5 paragraph essays and continue to hone our typing skills.

The math is going to continue to introduce new concepts so it is very important that each student complete his/her homework each night to practice these skills.

Lastly, we will begin a new reading commitment participating in the Sounds Baseball Reading club. Details will come home in the Wednesday folder, but each student will read one approved book a week for four weeks and write a one page book report. This will begin right as we get back from break.

We are in the “Home Stretch” and I am encouraging all of the students to go the distance and continue to do their personal best!

Here’s what we’re studying this week:


Monday 3/19 – wear Mass Uniform

If you are planning to donate to the Gala, please turn in your cash donation by Monday, 3/26 so we will know what we are working with.

Tuesday & Wednesday 3/20 & 21 – BizTown – Pack a sack lunch!!

Thursday 3/22 – Spring Pictures

Math: Prime and composite numbers, factors and prime factorization, simplifying fractions. The next test will not be until Friday, 3/30.

Language Arts: We will begin a new unit America On The Move and read The Story of The Golden Spike. Spelling and vocabulary words are on Spelling City and the reading and spelling test will be on Monday 3/26.

Social Studies: Tuesday & Wednesday we will visit BizTown. When we return, we will be writing about our experience and complete the final unit of BizTown curriculum that asks the students to synthesize what they have learned through the BizTown process.

Religion: We will be learning about the story of Jacob and Esau.

Science: We will begin a unit on the human body and complete a health journal. This journal will be graded and count towards a health grade.

Computer: We will learn how to use Power Point and in the weeks to come will be putting together graded presentations.


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