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Grade 2 Weekly News

Religion:  Chapter 27  Jesus Comes to Us

Math:  Test on Thursday, March 8 

Math Facts:  We have multiplication facts to practice this week.  We are practicing X’s 2 and 5.

Spelling:  Test on Friday, March 9-We have extra words this week!  If a student earns a 100 on the pretest, they do not have to take the test on Friday.

blue, rude, frown, cookie, plow, count, duty, cool, scout, books, smooth, true, brook, about, power

Challenge Words: looser, snowplow, shampoo, argue, tower

Reading:  Test on Friday, March 9 

I See Animals Hiding

We are reading chapter books!  Your child should read for at least 15 minutes each Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night.  Please help them record what they read in the Red Reading Folder.  Thank you!!

Language:  Inflectional and Comparative Endings, colons

Science:  Fossils    Test on Thursday, March 8

Social Studies: Creating landform maps-We are finishing up this week!

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