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Grade 3: Two Weeks at a Glance – February 30 – March 10


No Homework All Week!!!! 

Enjoy two weeks of homework free evenings! Please remember to have your child go to bed on time and to eat a healthy breakfast. Also, please make sure to make an extra effort to make the mornings happy. The students should know to do their personal best, but not to get stressed.  They are all prepared and I know they will do a great job. If you would like to send extra snacks for students, please send something healthy. Please do not send anything with peanuts.

In the afternoons we will be working on fun, educational activities. We will read the book Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson. We will enjoy discussions, explore what friendship means, and learn to look for God in others.

We will improve our persuasive paragraphs. We will learn how to write  in MLA format, how to double space, what font to use for official papers, how to indent, and how to insert a picture and use word wrap.

We will continue to format our pages for our Twelve Apostles book. The book should be ready for print soon. In addition to this, we will continue to learn about Lent and discover how to make Mass more meaningful.

In Science, the students will work in groups to learn a lesson and then compose  music and write lyrics to teach the concepts to their classmates.

We will play multiplication games, complete challenge activities, and explore math in the world around us.

Our Book Adventure contest will continue through March 9th. My goal is for all of the students to reach 500 points and enjoy a class party. Please help your child meet this goal. Since there is no homework during this time, this is a grade time to read. Remember, students reading goals were set and will count as a test grade. 

All of the students should be able to take and pass the test on Indian in the Cupboard. This is the book that Mrs. Murphy read to the students. It is worth 200 Book Adventure points. They will also have the opportunity to take the test on Bridge to Terabithia after we read it in class.

Testing week will end with a trip to the Children’s Theater in Nashville to see Beauty and the Beast. The next week we will  compare and contrast the story in our literature book with the play.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Wise


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