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SJV Alumni Earn Honors at JPII

Congratulations to the following SJV Alumni who earned academic honors at Pope John Paul II High School during the spring semester:

Headmaster’s List (All A’s)

Collins Brown (SJV Class of 2012)

Tyler McCormick (SJV Class of 2012)

Stratton Clausen (SJV Class of 2013)

Thomas Janes (SJV Class of 2013)

Megan McCormick (SJV Class of 2014)

Alison Gerstner (SJV Class of 2015)

Devon LeCave (SJV Class of 2015)


Faculty’s List (A’s in all but one class)

Andrew Cassman (SJV Class of 2012)

Noah Reamy (SJV Class of 2012)

Julia Hutt (SJV Class of 2015)

Karina Swauger (SJV Class of 2015)


Way to go, Wildcats!

Important Summer Information

Our office is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm.

Find your summer reading/math work here:

Entering Pre-Kindergarten Summer 2016 Packet

Entering Kindergarten Summer 2016 Packet

Entering 1st Grade Summer 2016 Packet

Entering 2nd Grade Summer 2016 Packet

Entering 3rd Grade Summer 2016 Packet

Entering 4th Grade Summer 2016 Packet

Entering 5th Grade Summer 2016

Entering 6th 7th and 8th Grade Summer 2016 Packet


Find your school supply lists for the 2016-2017 school year here:

2016-2017 School Supply Lists

Fourth Quarter Medal of Honor Recipient

Allison Medal of Honor

For the fourth quarter, our final recipient for the Medal of Honor at SJV is Allison Gutierrez. The characteristic focus for this quarter is “service before self”. Allison has shown this characteristic throughout the school year! She is the type of student that is always putting other’s needs before her own. Allison is always holding the door open for her entire class or the entire middle school.  She holds the door for teachers as well. She is willing to give up her free time to help out another student or teacher. And she does this without even thinking about it. Allison is a kind, generous, and unselfish student. We are very proud to have a student like Allison in our school! Congratulations Allison!

Main Street Besties Awards

Thank you to everyone who voted for St. John Vianney in the Main Street Besties Awards this year. We were blessed to be voted the “Best Private School,” in addition to being a top 3 finalist in the “Best Elementary School,” “Best Junior High,” and “Best Headmaster/Principal” categories. Thank you for your love and support!

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Congratulations SJV Class of 2012!

Six of the seven alumni from the SJV eighth grade Class of 2012 graduated from JPII on Sunday.  The students themselves decided it was important to get one last picture of their SJV class at their high school graduation.  This speaks volumes of the bonds that our students form here at SJV during their elementary years.  May God bless these students as they move on to Aquinas College, Northeastern University, Tennessee Technological University, and the University of Tennessee – Chattanooga.

T-Rac Pictures 008

In January, 2012


Class of 2012 High School Graduation

Pope John Paul II High School Graduation, May 2016