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Student Government

Student Government members had a great time delivering our pull tabs to the Ronald McDonald House today!  The students unloaded all of our pull tabs, then stayed and helped others unload.  As a school, we turned in 9.44 ounces per student!  Pre-K and 6th grade were the classroom winners!  They will get a pizza party for their efforts!  Thank you to everyone who contributed pull tabs!

student govt 1 student govt 4 student govt 3 student govt 5

Veterans Day Assembly

Photos from today’s Veterans Day Assembly.  Thank you to all of our Veterans for your sacrifices for our country!




STEM day was a huge success. Students enjoyed rotating between the stations exploring science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The students were able to learn in hands on ways and had a blast doing it! Grades Pre-k through 3rd enjoyed learning about force and motion, making hover crafts, learning about friction, making sundials, exploring leaves, testing magnets, and many other fun activities. Grades 4-8  learned about solar energy with solar cars and glasses, tested volcanoes, made their own boats, experimented with insulation, learned to create graphs on the computer with real life data, and other fun activities. We had many students comment on how much they enjoyed the day! Some students even remarked how they now would consider a career in engineering. Here are some pictures from the day.

IMG_2096 IMG_2111 IMG_2144 IMG_6433 IMG_6449 IMG_6453 IMG_6461 IMG_6463 IMG_6466 IMG_6483 IMG_6493 IMG_6503 PICT0011

We can’t wait for next years STEM DAY!


Red Ribbon Week Door Decorations

The teachers and the students worked very hard making their classroom doors a special reminder to stay healthy and drug free.


Pre K (early elementary winner)IMG_2226

1st GradeIMG_2230

2nd GradeIMG_2227

3rd Grade(upper elementary winner)IMG_22294th GradeIMG_2228


First Quarter Honors

Congratulations to all SJV students who earned honors for the first quarter:

1st quarter honors 2014 2015